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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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have done that sent the house in flames. >> police are calling a woman's delegate "suspicious," in sonoma county. >> a transportation showdown in san jose, with a vote looming for uber and lyft, the ride sharing services that do change rules for drivers and passengers. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen watching traffic. metering lights are on? >> they are. but now the forecast. >> what you will see is an umbrella is needed for the warming sunshine we are going to have today. here is a look at it it is already up. grab the sunglasses, be careful if you are traveling eastbound. 47 to 56 is the temperature through 7:00. and 56 at coast and 78 inland and we will be warmer at 4:00 inland is 86 and 63 at the coast, and this is just the
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beginning of the warming trend. i will tell you when the trim triple -- triple digits are coming. >> we have heavy traffic and word of a car fire in castro valley. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are on. good job, eric. the traffic is backed up for 15 minutes coming away from the macarthur maze. the drive coming away from the macarthur maze is loading up near powell. that is a look at the richmond-san rafael and a few have a cars pulling into the tolls to get across the water at seven minutes to the north bay. in sonoma investigators with the sheriff are at a home near napa road and investigators found the body of a woman in a room on the second near after responding to sentence sunday calls -- to 9-1-1 calls. sever people who lived in the home are being questioned. there are in arrest.
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the sheriff is saying they are not looking for any suspects. country on abc to bring you more at story continues to develop. >> if vallejo investigators thing a welding accident could be to blame for a husband fire. it protect out in the garage of a home on valley vista avenue before 12:30. you can see the names shooting from the roof. firefighters cut holes to vent the fire and one man was hospital side of where subcommittee veer burns and a woman inside home got out safely with the family pet. janet o is at scene with more in a report at 6:30. >> throughs of fires are hard at work across the state this morning trying to control several wildfires. one of the worst is burning near lake tahoe. elissa harrington is in the newsroom.
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>> the fires have forced evacuation. in san bernardino, the lake fire has scorched 17,000 acres. it is burning timber and throatening hundreds of cabins and sites in the area 90 miles east of los angeles. crews are battling the flames with helicopters and 100 engines. they are getting the upper happened but the dry land is not helping. >> we are in the 4th year of a would longed drought. the brush and the trees and timber are dry, ex centrally dry. >> in northern california a wildfire is raining 40 miles south of lake. lightning strike triggered this which has grown 15,000 acres. flames are mushed to markleyville and some residents are packing, just in case. firefighters are dealing with extreme wind and hazardous terrain and crews say they have
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responded to 275 wildfires in the past week. officials say the dry conditions hot temperatures and i wind are making for a challenging fire sent so far. in the midwest, 13 tornadoes have been reported since yesterday morning. seven of them have been in illinois. this is video of the devastation last hype in coal city an hour southwest of chicago. a confirm the twister destroyed neighbors and sent fur to the hospital. and potential to make life easier for people looking to get rides from mineta san jose international airport, city council will decide what to allow ride sharing temperatures like uber and lyft to do passenger pickups. matt keller is at the airport with more. >> airport transportation is big business and the city figure
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they can lose close to $250,000 a year in revenue if they do not permit uber and lyft and other companies operating at mineta san jose international airport. that does not mean they will get a free ride. the city council is looking at permitting transportation network companies to allow them to pick up passengers at mineta san jose international airport. in a memo to the staff mayor liccardo and vice marriage and a city council mel want to approve the transportation service for one area pilot program under the current state rules. they want fingerprinting and background checks and vehicle inspections by the city and full payment all fees and fines for past operations and violates and require a tax license. people who use uber and other companies say it is time to be allowed at the airport. >> it needs to be done, it is high time making the whole travel experience seamless and you do not have to take out your car or wait for a taxi, it is
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outdated in how it works. they need to do it. i don't know what they are waiting for. >> started a pilot program for transportation network companies in october of last year and the program is coming to an end. san jose city staff said sfo feels stricter regulations are needed. reporting live at mineta san jose international airport for abc7. matt, thank you. for travelers between marin and the east bay $74 million improvement project for richmond-san rafael bridge is moving forward. the project would add a third lane for eastbound commuters to ease the evening commute and would add a bicycle and pedestrian lane protected by concrete barriers. the project is in the design and bidding stages. if all goes well it could be completed by summer of 2017. to check out plans it is posted
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online at >> co-workers of a young father are raising money for his family after being killed in a freeway shooting. suspect fired at tomas mendez' car long highway 4 in bay point on saturday. he was a cook with his father the head coach at katie's corner restaurant in san ramon. >> he was funny. always had a smile and a hat and always joking around. >> a co-worker took this picture of tomas mendez a few hours before he died. mendez was headed him to his pearl young daughter when he was shot. no one has been arrested. >> a week after the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley the first responders are getting a "thank you." the irish consulate in san francisco tweeted # #berkeleyfiredepartment.
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you have been by our side. #forevergrateful. and there are several gofundme pages raising more than $213,000 but more help is needed withness on >> the first funerals for the victims are held in ireland today according to the irish times including for 21-year-old walsh from the east bay. her near said she was a beautiful person and wonderful daughter and sister. funeral and burial services were held for 21-year-old owen culligan and tomorrow for schuster and 21-year-old olivia burke. >> and a seat on the city
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council way vacated after was winner of another election. there is now a run off today. >> a golden start to the morning? >> looking good. how are temperatures? >> cannot get rid of the warriors bliss with temperatures fool. woodside is 47. menlo park is 50 and palo alto is 51 and redwood city and belmont and foster city is 54 and 56 in hair and 55 in fremont and san ramon at 53 and a cool spot is mill valley at 45 and half moon bay at 46. headed into the afternoon, a lot of sunshine and 70 an bay to 80 in san jose. up in the north bay to 91 in the east bay and 60 along the coast at 67 in san francisco and you can see the golden sunshine on san francisco right now at two- to four-degrees warmer tomorrow
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and thursday 70 at coast and 90 an the bay and triple digits inland, and i will show you if the cooling trend continues through the weekend coming up. leyla some. >> we have 47 bart trains running on time. ace train one three and five all on time. no delays and now limited parking is available at pleasanton heading through to july 5 because of the alameda county fair. also expect some traffic impact additionally. here is a look at san jose and that is 87 near the shark tank and traffic is still quite light although a study showed that traffic here is one of the we have spots in the south bay as i am sure you know. as we head over to castro valley, westbound 580 a possible car fire on the shoulder and remark is slow when you hit 580 and take southbound 880 into hair toward union city and you will be on the brakes.
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, at 6:14. a look from the exploritorium camera moves the spider through this picture postcard shot of san francisco. doesn't he know his 15 minutes of fame are over? >> more news this or it is 6:14. academy award winning compotesser james horner is feared dead after a plane registered to him crashed in the
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national forest yesterday morning. it is not confirmed whether the 61-year-old was mighting at the time but no one has been able to reach the famous cop poser. horner won two oscars for the work on 1997 "titanic," and scored more than 100 other films including brave heart and "beautiful mine." >> a hearing in the capitol do should light on a deadly malfunction on the city's subway station, the ntsb has called firefighters and first responders to testify about the january incident when smoke filled the train car while it was stopped in a tunnel. a woman died and more than eighth got sick. relatives of the late victim are suing the transit agency. >> in washington dc leaders with the department of transportation will discuss possible changes to airline fees. that applies to baggage boarding and inflight services as the airline announce they
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raked in $3 billion in fees amid a rising number of consumer complaints. >> nba finals mvp andre iguodala was on jimmy kimmel and talked of the heart warming father's day gift he got great his son, a hand made investigation of the larry o'brian trophy, iguodala, posted this write "this kid is amazing, consultened it is in april in art class and saved it until father's day." this could be my new favorite trophy. >> his mother said, what if they done win, and he said well at least he has a rove if he does not win. >> very cute. very cute. >> know where he gets heart from, not me. >> you can watch jimmy kimmel live right after abc7 news at eleven. >> that child is prescient. >> and precious.
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>> yes, fresh, too. >> and he can see into the future. >> thank you, eric for defining it. he can see into the future maybe he can help me. >> let me show you what is going on outside. ten miles per hour wind at concord and 50 at fairfield and we have an onshore breeze and it will ice up speed same area of yesterday, east golden gate bridge and north of the bay bridge. southwest wind at 21 to 33 knots blowing northwest to southeast along the coast until 9:00 tomorrow and here is a look at san rafael you can see the sun is coming up and the shadows starting to develop on 101 looking southbound, and low clouds and this are now many trying to push along the east bay shoreline into san pablo bay. we are bing to have more warming sunshine today even to the coast and clouds will increase the next few nights as high pressure comes in but it will not stop
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our inland eat on thursday into triple digits. today we are in the mid-80's around los gatos and morgan hill and everyone else in santa clara valley from 75 at milpitas to cupertino and san jose at 80 and 74 with sunshine to the boardwalk. we are 67 in millbrae and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere, and headed to the south by, los altos and mountain view in the upper 70s and low 60s along the coast and as much sunshine as yesterday and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito mid-to-upper 60s and mid-to-upper 70s in san rafael and novato and petaluma but that is it. calistoga and cloverdale, all in the 80s to almost 90 in clever detail and low-to-mid 70s along the east bay shore from richmond at 712 and same in hayward and san leandro to fremont at 76 and oakland is cooler at 71 and san ramon pleasanton 783 livermore 88 same in antioch to 91 in brentwood. this evening, it will be a cool
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one, 62 at 7:15 dropping to 57. our lows tonight are in the low-to-mid 50s but we will see a little more in the way of cloud cover. now we have an area of low pressure that brought cool weather yesterday and father's day and this low will head to the north as high pressure builds and it will warm us at two- to four-degrees from the cost inland on wednesday and the seven-day forecast has the heat peaking triple. >> mobile 360 traveling how oakland, it is nice and empty. how often do we see that? it is clear. heading southbound along 880 through oakland, i will turn 360 around northbound, so pack the shays. as you head in the northbound direction, that traffic is clear and it does gets busy closer to the macarthur maze and i will
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go to our maps starting with the san mateo bridge you can see how the remark is moving along nicely across the water to the peninsula, and this is what i want to show you headed into the berkeley area, 57 miles per hour traveling westbound on i-80 and if you come in from oakland to piedmont along worker 80 into emeryville you can put on the brakes the closer you are to 980 and at the bay bridge toll plaza beyond the toll plaza you have clear conditions and green into the city from emeryville san francisco that is 11 min >> so long to bottle water at least for now. >> what is behind a sweep nationwide recall pulling a dozen brands off the store shelves. >> legos reloaded and it will soon like you have never soon it before which is good news for your kids. >> remark on the golden gate bridge shows some cloud cover.
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we will check with mike and leyla gulen checking traffic when we
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geological survey website reporting a 6.3 magnitude earthquake earthquake. officials say it was barely felt in tokyo which is 500 miles away. they say there is no danger of a tsunami. we bring you updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. a bottled water distributor is trying to ease concerns after a recall over possible e. coli contamination. niagara bottling is responsible for 14 brands. the recall poters have 2016 expiration date. this are questions of the spring source the water comes from with more details including a list of all 14 brands on our website at abc7 news >> and what niagara is doing for
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their testing, is it up to par? that is ahead. >> and almost ego announced they will top making toy bricks with plastic but will use sustainable materials to carry the toys into the future. what kind of sustainable steps? they have not decided that. research is underway. the overhaul will cost an estimated $150 million. it will were completed by to 30. >> ode to burning man is being built in the san francisco if hayes valley named after the designer who has created temples for the burning man festival. right now it is just wood but the next year wedding parties will bring it to history. you can add to the writing by adding personal messages to the wall. >> we have more breaking news in vallejo where a fire leaves a
6:26 am
man hospitalized and investigators with a lot of quotes on what they believe he was doing seconds before the house caught fire. >> getting real about the stress mom phase and what a study reveal about life at work compared to life in the working world. >> at mineta san jose international airport uber and lyft could get the green light to pick up passengers. there are strict if you rules proposed by the mayor and other city council members. >> stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:29 on tuesday morning. at look at remark in walnut creek interstate 680. it is not going very far, very fast. 9 good news is we have a traffic expert to explain that. i am eric thomas. >> it is sunny. it will be a necessary -- necessary day.
6:30 am
meteorologist mike nicco has more on the day. mike? we will talk how sunny and how much warmer. good morning, everyone, live doppler hd shows three miles visibility at half moon bay and not much in way of fog. the late-arriving clouds from mount tamalpais to super san francisco, in the 50s through 10:00 and in the 50s along the coast until you get to sick at 4:00 and in the mid-60s to upper 70s from the bay inland so if you are inland find the shade. by 4 86 if you are hanging out, outside, you will want the shade. have the sun screen and maybe an umbrella for that. >> thanks for sharing. a look at traffic. >> pack the up are parosol.
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>> traffic is slow as you chug along toward the peninsula taking you 15 minutes from hayward to's step city. greaterryville to the macarthur maze traffic is thinning out approaching the bay bridge. traffic is flowing nicely between berkeley and emeryville to oakland. we have a report of a possible fire off of 280 with details ahead. >> we continue to follow what is going on in sonoma. a woman's body was found in a home near napa road overnight. investigators say the delegate and "suspicious." several people would live in the home are being questioned. the sheriff said it is not looking for any suspects right new. country on abc to bring you more as the story develops. >> breaking news in sonoma where firefighters are looking into the cause of a house fire that left a man badly burned. they think something he was
6:32 am
doing in the garage could be to blame. janet o explains from the scene. janet? >> firefighters believe the man was welding in the garage. the damage is extensive. the fire gutted the expire garage including many alliances and the car now burned in the garage. the man is said to be suffering from second to third degree buns and has been taken to the hospital where he is being treated. crews acted quickly to get the flames under criminal. it was first seen at 12:20 shooting through the roof. the fire is contained to the garage. firefighters say they are working at the scene. they choked all morning for hotspots to make sure the fire did noting my. this was another person in the house at the time of the fire. she tried to gab the fire extinguisher as she made it out
6:33 am
safely with her pets. firefighters try to figure out what caused the fire here in vallejo. >> fires think sparks from metal ignited a grass fire that gutted a home and vehicles in livermore. firefighters hosed down the flames yesterday on the property north of the lawrence livermore national laboratory. smoke could be seen for miles. the house appeared to be abandon ed. >> fire crews are trying to keep a wildfire from reaching a small town south of lake tahoe. residents have not been evacuated but are being told to get ready. the washington fire has slowedded in size since starting with light next strike on friday. crews have zero containment. that is down from 10 percent containment earlier. the extreme wind and dry timber fuel the flames. >> in the san bernardino mountains more humid air is
6:34 am
helping firefighters battling 17,000 acre forest fire with water dropping aircraft have it 24 percent. flames have threatened 500 buildings including old cabins. >> a him owner is santa rosa faces major repairs after a car slams into the home last might at 6:30. the driver and a passenger took off running. they were found nearby and taken to the hospital. no one in the house was hurt. crews waited to move the car until an engineer checked out the home. the car had "class of 2015," painted in the weapon. >> a 13-year-old boy is calmed -- called a hero when a burglar tried to break and the home when he was home with his two younger brothers and the man tried to break down the front door.
6:35 am
redman called 1991 and locked his brothers and dog in another room and he picked up the baseball bat. >> what was the plan? >> if he got in knock him in the head until he was unconscious. >> you were ready? >> to protect the family. >> it never came to that and the police pulled up and arrested 39-year-old terrell free red man's sister recognizeed him as a man who followed him home. freeman has been arrested. >> teachers are reassigned to other campuses to break up tension at the school. parents and students and teachers came together at west valley elementary to say goodbye. the union school direct of cupertino is reassigning the principal and 23 teachers. the problem stems from changes implemented by the former
6:36 am
principal. parents have launched a petition drive asking the district to reconsider. >> nfl commissioner caddell is meeting with new england patriots' quarterback tom brady to hear his appeal after denying knowing about the deflated footballs and wants to know who ordered the suspension and questions the science of deflated footballs. the hearing was scheduled at the nfl headquarters in new york at 6:30 this morning our time. next a dangerous decision in the name of fashion. the the lesson about looking "cute." >> and a cure for jet lag no matter how far you travel. >> stay tuned. t0íer:ur(q ack comiin
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up on 6:40 and it will be very high u.v. index, so skip will burn in 10 or 15 minutes. be cave. at the alameda county fair it resume at look, comfortable and 73. we will top out in the my 80s
6:40 am
between 2:00 and 3:00 and back to the 70s so a fantastic evening and cool 61 by look. mid-to-upper 90s through central valley and lake tahoe is 82 and sunny and 64 in monterey and look at this, blister heat 112 in palm springs and 109 if las vegas. safely travels. >> alameda county fair will have heavy traffic around the fair grounds, as we look at our mobile 380 we are headed southbound on 880 right into hayward, and past a street and the traffic is backing up putting on the brakes and 360 around in 180 direction northbound traffic will gum up the closer you are to 238 a full 360 view back at the brake lights, it is slow, headed into young city. committing out 101 in the north bay, a few extra cars ought slow things down as you push toward 580 and that is a look at life time traffic 680 southbound, nine minutes and highway 24
6:41 am
still clear to go up to highway 13 and 580 westbound, tracy to dublin is busy at 54 minutes. >> now a if you health warning, take this where a grin of salt. doctors are warning of skinny jeans, a 35-year-old woman's legs swelled up so much when she arrived at were who thep doctors could get her out of the jeans was to cut them off. the woman spent hours squatting and packing moving boxes in jeans that were way too tight and her calves ballooned to a condition that triggers swelling or pleading in the muscles. she was in the hospital four days after she could bomb on her own, but in need to toss out your skinny jeans because the odds according to the experts of this happening are very "slim." outsmarting naysayers with competition when it comes to
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getting bad reviews much the stress ofyo"4w being a mom a study looks at what it takes to raise kids. we are looking at the san mateo bridge with traffic getting pretty crowds. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru.
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>> welcome back, anyone who uses san jose san jose airport could
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be affected by a city council vote today. >> it will determine if companies like uber and lyft can expand the operations at the airport. oz matt is there for us. >> dropping off passengers at mineta san jose international airport now the problem it is picking up the passengers. you need a permit to do that. today, the city council can give a frie ]2l light to uber and lyftu other co32g:u(0@v thatúpñ to; dop q that picking up passengers at the airport. today, the city council is looking at permitting transportation network companies and staff2"1 said in$ jose could lose $250,000 by not allowing the services. the public out it wills commission is in charm of regulating uber and lyft and others and in charge ofnd regulating the mayor liccardo and vice mayor want to approve the thank network companies for a one year pilot program under the current rules. and they want finger printing and back group checks to drivers
6:46 am
and vehicle inspends, full payment of all fees and fines for past operations and violations. dolmuiñ not expect to be picked upm=) the -- there will% designated pickup atzñs!y gté
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, havoc in the heartland. damaging tornadoes touching down. >> look how close to this. >> these telephone poles whipping in the wind. transformers explodeingexploding. >> there's whole houses down. we need units over here. >> homes destroyed. this firehouse collapsing. a drone captures roofs ripped off churches, with more than 70 million people in the path of severe weather right now. also this morning, inside the mind of a killer. exclusive new video of one of those escaped convicts. the disturbing tape of richard matt taken right before he went to prison. brandishing a weapon and giving new insight into the man at the center of this massive manhunt. sean "diddy" combs arrested. the music mogul charged with assault with a deadly weapon after allegedl


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